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Solo Transformation on Stage by Ronald Rand
Sunberry Press:(Chapter 11, pp 125-128)

A Journey into the Organic Process of the Art of Transformation What does it take to make your dreams come true? For the first time ever, world-acclaimed solo performer Ronald Rand and Goodwill Cultural Ambassador in 25 countries reveals how a solo performance is born, takes off, and can change the face of the world.
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At The Intersection of Disability & Drama:
A Critical Anthology of New Plays
(featuring STILL STANDING!!!)at

Spectacular Falls (CD) at

Holidays & Holy Days (CD)
Village Temple Children's Choir

Still Standing (CD) at and

Sounds Of Healing (CD) at

Quel Fromage (CD) at

For The Kids (CD) - Contact Me

Plays Of Estrogenius 2003 (Book) at

An Actor's Guide - Making It in New York City
(Book) by Glenn Alterman

Putting Creativity To Work (Book)
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For A Better World:
Reading & Writing for Social Action (Book)
by Randy & Katherine Bomer