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Here's a Review of my "Musical Interview with Medical Students" at Hofstra University's Zucker Medical School, in which the students SANG their questions to the tune of my original songs from Still Standing & Spectacular Falls!

A special piece made by the KDAC Theatre in Seoul, South Korea, 2019.
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Singing with my daughter, Holland Hamilton at Green Room 42 Cabaret.
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Working in collaboration with Heidi Latsky, NuVu students designed wearables for four of her performers for On Display Global. On Display uses fashion as a tool of social justice aiming to celebrate the beauty of difference. Each performer has a disability and teams of NuVu students worked closely with each of the performers to design individualized wearables that highlight a passion, experience or personality trait.


Part one of Anita Hollander's one woman show "Still Standing"
@ Urban Stages !!

In May 2009 I performed with Infinity Dance Theatre at the Joyce Soho - see video above.