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CDs & Books
That Feature Me!

At The Intersection of Disability & Drama:
A Critical Anthology of New Plays
(featuring STILL STANDING!!!)
at amazon.com

Spectacular Falls (CD) at amazon.com

Holidays & Holy Days (CD)
Village Temple Children's Choir
at www.villagetemple.org

Still Standing (CD) at amazon.com and iTunes.com

Sounds Of Healing (CD) at villagetemple.org

Quel Fromage (CD) at 2Die4Music.com

For The Kids (CD) - Contact Me

Plays Of Estrogenius 2003 (Book) at theatresource.org

An Actor's Guide - Making It in New York City
(Book) by Glenn Alterman

Putting Creativity To Work (Book)
Fax request to: Social Security Administration
(410) 965-2037
Include # of copies & ICN number: 342351

For A Better World:
Reading & Writing for Social Action (Book)
by Randy & Katherine Bomer